Knicks announced in the future, nj-new jersey

September 19th, 2012

Last summer, the newest York Knicks who topic, they rid yourself of a highly received by fans welcome Jeremy Lin, signed a 2nd malignancy Raymond – Felton, and traded veteran center horse Marcus – Marcus Camby, Cheap 49ers jerseys  looked Landry – Fields looked to the Raptors ……


However, for your Big apple Knicks for the summer changes not just lineup, as well as jersey. Local time next Thursday, they are going to officially announce the new jersey In line with the information currently available, the entire style of the newest jersey will tend to be more concise.


In fact, the Knicks change the jersey design news, earlier this month began to spread on the Internet. Within the promotional video from the NBA 2K13 Knicks jersey a couple of details to do a big or small adjustments.


These adjustments include: go all black elements in addition to jerseys; remove side stripes jersey and shorts; Cheap dallas cowboys jerseysjersey back round team logo replaced the standard team logo; silver-gray shirt collar stripes increase elements.


However the Knicks would not disclose any specifics of the brand new team change, but inside the Union message, game jersey pattern is usually quite accurate. Specific circumstances, we patiently wait for week.


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