13 bottles of mineral water = a Nike jersey

September 24th, 2012

The earth’s first sports brand Nike finds the best way with bottles of mineral water production jersey. This is why perhaps there is?


To be able to prove to the world how you can turn trash into wealth the Nike better world released the ultra-motion video. The video switch forward and backward between jersey production screen and Huntelaar training lens. Cheap Tim tebow jerseys The main steps we’ll be producing jerseys clip together to tell the listeners 13 bottle is when in depth in to a jersey.

, We see the best fate with the collected water bottles – lying in most nameless factory conveyer.

These empty water bottle, a slow but solid decomposition into manufacturing the unprocessed trash of polyester cloth

These unprocessed trash are shape terrible the appliance drawn into polyethylene line

Eventually become spun right into a shaft axis from the line, possibly at home to seam the toy line. Now do not see its true colors.

The cloths line is then woven into cloth and wool, cotton as well as other unprocessed trash, weaving good reason. With white polyester fabric, we have been making jersey among the basic physical good reason that the Dutch national team jersey is famous, because it was bright orange, so give these polyester fabric dyeing, tend not to feel exaggerated, the staining actually augen dropper.

Pop – pop – pop – pop, completed, the Netherlands jersey seems like you didn’t know was cutting cloth as well as scissors what else? Now, are these claims machine. Look, jersey breast cut! As soon as the completion of all fabric cutting, with regards to manually complete the finishing touches. According to the process, the employees usually first “check mark” stickers being. Critical a feed holes within the jersey, maybe you haven’t noticed, are hot out. Other signs for being pressed into your jersey.Cheap 49ers jerseys This suppression of area printing firm. Clear, plus the team pattern, the c’s logo can be so get into gear, lastly through a go-between of the machine …

You’re done, a mineral water bottle manufacturing shining shiny orange jersey made his handheld we manufacture shirt waiting in front on the camera, it can be amazing, 13 bottles of mineral water is really a jersey.


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