Disappointed QB Kolb finds himself aback on bench

October 6th, 2012

Kevin Kolb was aback at convenance on Monday, no best aggressive for the starting job for the Arizona Cardinals but as a advancement NFL quarterback already again.

The team’s conditioning was its aboriginal aback drillmaster Ken Whisenhunt appear Friday that John Skelton would be the amateur for Sunday’s regular-season opener adjoin Seattle.

”It’s disappointing, that’s obvious,” Kolb said afterwards practice. ”But if there’s one affair I abstruse in this alliance is it’s abounding of surprises, so you just accumulate acute forward. If you yield time to sulk or feel apologetic for yourself, you’re traveling to get larboard abaft and again your opportunity’s traveling to canyon you by.”

Just afore endure season, Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys the Cardinals traded cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round abstract aces to Philadelphia to get Kolb, again active the quarterback to a five-year $63 actor arrangement extension, $21 actor guaranteed. On March 16, Kolb got a $7 actor transaction for still getting on the Cardinals roster.

Kolb accustomed with admirers and those aural the alignment assertive they had the authorization quarterback Arizona had lacked aback Kurt Warner’s retirement afterward the 2009 season.

But Arizona got off to a 1-6 start, and Kolb was alone with a accommodation toe injury. While not spectacular, Kolb’s backup Skelton did abundant for his aggregation to cull off some abutting victories. Kolb alternate and engineered a win over Dallas, but on the aboriginal alternation of the next bold adjoin San Francisco, he took a knee to the arch for a season-ending concussion.

After the Cardinals won seven of their endure nine to accomplishment 8-8, Whisenhunt declared an accessible antagonism amid Skelton and Kolb. Through offseason workouts, training affected and preseason games, neither amateur acclaimed himself. If Whisenhunt assuredly appear his decision, Arizona was the endure aggregation in the alliance to accept a starting quarterback in place.

What went amiss for Kolb?

”I don’t apperceive that there’s one thing,” he said. ”My cerebration of the accord is you just plan as harder as you can possibly work, put in the time. I apperceive there’s still things to appear here. I acquaint you all that every time something bad happens, and that’s the angle that I’ll keep.”

The bearings is accustomed to Kolb. In 2010, he emerged as the amateur for Philadelphia if the division began, but was afflicted and replaced by Michael Vick, who captivated on to the job if Kolb alternate to acceptable health.

That experience, Kolb said, accomplished him to be accessible no amount what.

”When I was in this position afore with Vick, I anticipate it was three weeks after he went down,” he said. ”Again, there’s no time to sulk, no time to feel apologetic for myself. I’ve just got to go aback to plan today and be accessible for the Seahawks. It will be a big bold for us.”

Skelton, who had alleged the antagonism amid the two a affable one, said he and Kolb had not talked about the outcome.

”We affectionate of just larboard it at that,” Skelton said. ”We both are professionals about it. We both knew traveling into it the ramifications of it and everything, and I anticipate it was best larboard unsaid.”

Arizona’s brilliant advanced receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys seemed animated if the Cardinals traded for Kolb. The accord was advised a big acumen Fitzgerald active an eight-year, $120 actor contract.

But if asked Monday about what had happened to Kolb in his brief, black time in the desert, Fitzgerald said, ”That’s the NFL. It’s a boxy business.”

”He works harder every day. He’s here. He’s committed to the cause,” Fitzgerald said. ”He’s done aggregate you can ask for for us, as a teammate. It’s just unfortunate.”


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